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ATOS Q, the newest 3D sensor by GOM

The ATOS Q captures quality information quickly and with a high degree of detail, providing a reliable basis for easily interpreting this information. Its triple scanning principle offers advantages for measuring reflective surfaces and notched objects. The Blue Light Equalizer increases the brightness of the light source and transfers uniform, spot-free light to the projection.ands unit. Thanks to the Blue Light Equalizer and fast data processing, the ATOS Q impresses with its outstanding performance. The Blue Light Equalizer enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that even on non-cooperative surfaces short measurement times can be achieved. Industrial ports with fiber optic cables and robust plug-in connections enable high data transmission rates.

The fringes are projected onto the surface of the object and captured by two stereoscopic cameras. GOM’s projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition.

This new sensor from GOM is developed specifically for industrial use and provides fully traceable measurement results, even under difficult conditions. The optical and electronic systems of the rugged 3D optical sensor are resistant to dust and splash water, making all ATOS Q sensors ideal for transfer from the measuring room to the workshop. Users will appreciate the ATOS Q sensor for its simple and convenient operation.