Measure 3D

The systems we use

ATOS Compact Scan

The Atos Compact Scan is a three-dimensional non-contact structured light sensor that allows, thanks to its flexibility, to acquire any type of surface with the possibility of exchanging its optics and consequently adapting the acquisition measurement volumes with respect to the component to be scanned. It offers an excellent quality in terms of precision, sharpness and completeness so that it can be used for every industrial sector adapting perfectly to the user’s needs. It is essential to ensure quality control services, reverse engineering, studies on deformation and wear of a product, control of molds and component assembly.

TRITOP - Photogrammetry

The optical photogrammetry system ensures maximum flexibility and portability, its use is aimed at the acquisition of measurements and coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. It is usually associated with the optical scanning system with structured light so as to obtain more information and reduce the acquisition error by capturing the network of markers on the object to be acquired, thus ensuring maximum accuracy and precision of the measurements taken. The photogrammetric technique is usually used for the inspection of sheet metal and bodywork, for quality control of large objects such as aircraft, ships, wind turbines or to verify the measurements of plastic components, models and prototypes.

ATOS Scan Box

Thanks to the certification obtained by GOM we install the automated cells of the parent company where the customer needs to control the production process of its products independently and constantly. We also design the correct movements that the robotic arm must follow and the positions that it must assume inside the cell so that it can acquire the product, mounted by an operator on a gauge, to ensure maximum reliability, precision and optimization of process timing. This is achieved thanks to the ATOS Professional software inside a Virtual Measuring Room where it is possible to simulate the correct functioning of the automation before carrying out the necessary tests on the physical components. The Atos sensors mounted on the automated arm provide full field 3D coordinates for every single measurement and in a few seconds up to 16 million independent points are acquired for each scan.